SciTechLab’s Quickguide: Installing MAMP


SciTechLab QuickGuide Series

Installing MAMP
By Robert Reuss
January 30, 2008


MAMP Icon The acronym MAMP refers to Mac OS X , the operating system; Apache , the web server; MySQL , the database management system (or database server); and PHP , the programming language.

These programs form an open source web platform built upon Mac OS X that are commonly used together to run dynamic web sites or servers. When used in combination they represent a solution stack of technologies that support application servers.

MAMP should never be used as a live web server for the Internet because it lacks the necessary security. The idea for MAMP was as a PHP development environment for Macintosh computers. It also makes a fine home or small office off-Internet web server where security isn’t a major concern.

  1)   Download MAMP MAMP Icon from:
  2)   Double-click on mamp_1.7.x.dmg to mount the image.
  3)   Accept the license: MAMP License
  4)   Drag the MAMP folder in the window to the Application folder  
  MAMP Install  
  5)   Double-click MAMP Icon in the MAMP folder.
    A browser window MAMP Browser Window  
    and a start-up window MAMP Start-up will appear.
Note the information in the browser window:
Host:  localhost
[Port:  8889]
User:  root
Password:  root



Some Useful Links:

See MAMP‘s homepage for further information.

Download MAMP from its download page.


2 responses to “SciTechLab’s Quickguide: Installing MAMP

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  2. I’m interested in hearing why MAMP should not be used for a home-based web server. If I change the MySQL Password, etc. is it any less secure than the built in web sharing on the Mac?

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